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Class Syllabus:

Course Description
Eighth grade students will concentrate on learning the fundamentals of grammar. Capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech and parts of the sentence will be emphasized to enable the pupils to write properly and to learn foreign languages. There will also be a review of the elements of the short story, novel, and poetry. These vital elements will also be applied to their writing of the 5 paragraph essay in the several different modes of writing as well as reinforced for the Reading PSSA Exam. Lastly, vocabulary and spelling will also be reinforced throughout the class.

TEXTS: Elements of Literature; Holt, Rinehart, Winston, Austin, TX
Writing and Grammar; Pearson, Prentice Hall, Boston, MA
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain – Perma Bound Classics
A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

Units of Study
  • Sentence Structures
    • Clauses
    • Phrases
    • Punctuation of Structures
  • Elements of a Paragraph
    • Topic Sentence
    • Supporting Sentence
    • Details
    • Concluding Sentence
    • Transition Words/Phrases
  • Problems in Writing
    • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Active and Passive Voice
    • Dangling Modifier
    • Comma Usage
  • "A Christmas Carol"
  • Introduction to Writing the 5-Paragraph Essay
    • Introductory Paragraph
    • Thesis Statement
    • Body Paragraphs
    • Concluding Paragraph
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Research Paper

Rules and Guidelines
  • Preparation
    • Each student should come to class ready to participate and learn. Binder, homework, notebook, and a writing utensil should always accompany the student. No passes will be issued to return to lockers for materials.

  • Respect
    • Each student is expected to respect his or her peers as well as the teacher in the classroom. Inappropriate behavior or speech will not be tolerated.
    • Any type of bullying or harassment will NOT be tolerated in any form. Please alert Ms. Downing if you are experiencing any type of negative behavior from others or if you have knowledge of someone who is being bullied.

  • Integrity
    • Each student is responsible for his or her own work. Any method of cheating or plagarizing on homework assignments, tests, projects, or papers will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary actions and a "zero" for that assignment.

  • Determination
    • Each student is expected to comple work in a timely fashion. Setting forth a positive attitude will allow each individual to have a positive learning experience and take away knowledge from the class.

  • Excellence
    • Each student is expected to work at his or her learning level. Each will be held to high standards and all work incorporated in the class is challenging enough for each student. Everyone can find success; however, it will take hard work.
  • 100-92=A 91-83=B 82-74=C 73-65=D 64-below=F

English 8 Wiki Rules for Contributions, Discussions, and Usage of Wikispace:

1. All Wiki contributions should be related to English 8, the class or the subject matter.

2. What you say on the Wiki "can and will" be used against you if your comments or contributions are inappropriate, disrespectful, or illegal.
3. When participating in a discussion, add your comments to one discussion train only. Do not start a new discussion unless instructed by Mrs. Pauline.

4. Only current English 8 students are permitted to add to the Wiki.

5. Do not delete anything from the Wiki without getting permission from Mrs. Pauline.

6. All Wiki discussion responses should be academic in nature and typed without slang or jargon. Do not turn the Wiki into your chat room.

7. If you take information from an outside source and add it to the Wiki, cite your source or provide the hyperlink of the site the information was taken from.

8. You are not permitted to edit, manipulate or delete any files, hyperlinks, pictures or files added by Mrs. Pauline.

9. Work on text in Word or some other word processing program and copy and paste it into Wiki pages or discussion responses. This will allow you to proofread and spell check before you add it to the Wiki.

10. Please do not provide your last name on the wiki. Use only your first name and last initial when identifying yourself or your work on the wiki. Also, refrain from including you picture or any other identifying information on the wiki.

Helpful Handouts:

Spelling List

Grammar Handbook

Helpful Links:
Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation Online Handbook

Professional Notes on Units of Study

Educational Games

Contact Information:

Mrs. Pauline
724-658-9056 ext. 1203