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All CNN Responses can be re-submitted for averaged grade! Re-submitted responses are due 3 days after the essay has been returned to you. NO EXCEPTIONS!

CNN 1 Revision:
Period 1: Due October 12
Period 2: Due October 11
Period 6: Due October
Period 7: Due October
Period 8: Due October

CNN 2 Revision:
Period 1: Due October 24
Period 2: Due October 24
Period 6: Due October 25
Period 7: Due October 24
Period 8: Due October 24

Daily Questions:

Week 1:

  • August 30--What factors would you consider before deciding whether to evacuate ahead of a major storm?
  • August 31--Do you think that the music artists you listen to can incorporate throat singing in their music? why or why not.
  • September 1--How could a retailer change a store's environment to encourage shoppers to buy products?
  • September 2--Do you think that athletes with prosthetics should or should not be allowed to compete in Olympic qualifying races? Explain.

Week 2:
  • September 6--What types of things can be done at the federal, state, or local governments to create jobs?
  • September 7--What do you think might be the benefits and drawbacks of using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) instead of e-mail to deliver a message?
  • September 8--What is the cause for the millions of jobs lost in America to date?

CNN Student Response 1 Due September 12, 2011

Week 3:
  • September 12--Should the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 be taught to kids as a part of history?
        • What aspects of American life have been changed due to the terrorist attacks of 9/11?
  • September 13--What are the advantages to using technology in the classroom?
        • What issues do you believe the new presidential nominees should address in the upcoming election?
  • September 14--What can communities do to correct the problem of poverty?
        • What criteria can be used to determine a "winner" of a political debate?
        • Should NASA continue to spend millions of dollars on space flights?
  • September 16--Is it important to learn about other cultures?

CNN Student Response 2 Due September 23, 2011

Week 4:

  • September 19--What can be done to control nuisance species like the African snails?
        • Do you believe that it is beneficial to use an old document such as the Constitution to run the country today?
  • September 20--Do you think that voters respond well to a candidate who speaks to them in their language?
        • Do you think that Obama's plan to place more tax on the rich will help or hurt the world's economy?
  • September 21--What advantages can satellites offer to help us better our lives?
        • How could robotics be used to enhance the lives of Americans?
  • September 22--How do the food choices of zoo animals differ from the food choices of animals in the wild?
        • Should wild animals be kept in zoos and taken out of their natural habitat?
  • September 23--Do you think that capital punishment is a justifiable punishment for a crime?
        • How can social media networks such as Facebook be used in a positive way for students?

Week 5:

  • September 26--How can a person make a sacrifice to help another person?
        • What advice would you give to campaigning candidates for their upcoming campaign?
  • September 27--Do you think jurors will be able to be impartial during the Michael Jackson trial?
        • What could happen to communities if the federal government were to shutdown?
  • September 28--What can a school do to prevent bullying from occurring?
        • Do you believe that the driving license procedure should more more difficult for teens to obtain a driver's license?
  • September 29--Should students be punished for cheating in school?
        • What consequences should be implemented on students who cheat in school?
        • What does Obama's back to school speech mean when he stated "make the most of the year ahead of you"?
        • What can historic artifacts found in shipwrecks tell us about history?

CNN Student Response 3 Due October 6, 2011

Week 6:

  • October 3--How can a lockout set by athletic commissioners affect the players and the fans?
  • October 4--Should the mercy rule be implemented in sports in high school?
  • October 5--What new sports could be implemented at the high school level that would be of interest to the students?
  • October 6--Why do you believe that lockouts happen in professional sports?
      • How would a lockout in a professional sport affect the athlete and the fans?

Week 7:

  • October 10--Why do 90% of Americans consider the economic state of our country as poor?
      • What responsibility do parents, students, and teachers have in preventing bullying?
  • October 11--Why do you think that the American retail industry has outperformed other American industries?
      • Do you believe that the ban placed on using tanning beds until a person is over a certain age is a justifiable law to implement?
  • October 12--What actions can be taken by students to prevent bullying from occurring?
  • October 13--In what ways do the women of The American Widow Foundation support their husbands?
      • In what ways could someone honor a fallen solider?
      • How could a scientist learn from animals who have developed abnormally?

CNN Response 4 Due Friday October 21

Week 8:

  • October 17--What could be the value of visiting memorials of famous leaders or speakers? ex. Dr. King, President Kennedy, etc.
      • What influences a protest to stay peaceful or become violent?
      • What factors do you think a president might weigh when deciding whether to send American troops to an area of conflict?
  • October 18--What challenges do professional race car drivers face?
      • What can be done to make the professional race organization a safer sport for drivers?
      • Do you believe that students with higher test scores should receive more privileges? why or why not?
      • What are some positive incentives that a school can administer for passing tests scores?
Week 9:
  • October 24--Do you think that tobacco should be banned from professional sports? why or why not?
  • October 25--
  • October 26--
  • October 27--How can a student pay for college if he or she does not qualifying for any federal grant money?
      • Do you think that the price of college has influenced the decision of students? Why or why not?
  • October 28--