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Ms. Downing

Period 1
Lexi Whisel
Joe Bandemer
Sam Locke
joey crowley
Justin Kennedy
Jordan Kramer
Sarah Little -
Kyle Forbes
caitlyn wimer
Evan Downing
Amanda Moon
Michelle Lyskowka
Ryan Schotsch

Period 3
Ben Morrow
Claire O'Connor
Rhonni Seth
Jesse Litzenberg
Cody Little
Jake Blank
Eric Leasure
John Duncan
Becca Jones
Ridge Underwood

Period 5
Trenton Knight
Alaina Gould
nick peluso
jordynn jones
Hannah Kingston
Jesse Frew
Aaron Vanasco
Brooke Dicks
Marlon Tanner
Melinda Olander
Erin LaFrance
Jordan Gadwell

Period 7
Austin Ayres
RJ Stewart
Miranda DeLozier
Katie Lantz
Ray Stewart
philip richards

Kayleigh Mariani

Brittany book

Celine Kneram

Abigail Shepherd

Period 8
Cheyenne Kirkwood
Jake Reese
Danny Hughes
alli iorio
Damian Steele
Zach Lovell
Cory Mengel
Morgan Jones
Leila Zeigler
Hannah Telesz
Mackenzie Mraz
Rachael Baker
Carley Pickel
Bobbie Jo Brunswick
Rachel LeRoy
Raymond Robinson Final Project
donnie mulig
Steven Reeher
Nolan Firmi

Period 9
Bo Lanham
Mikaylah Jewell
Rhonda Mitcheltree
Kaesi Morelli
Rykel Samsa
Jessica Conrad
Whitney Allison
Joshua Dando
Savanna Hovis
Kayli Salzano
Emma Faust
Kristen Zubasic
Jaelyn Taylor
Mariah Wickline

Genevieve Romeo