We write frankly and fearlessly but then we "modify" before we print. - Life on the Mississippi


  • Answer each question with a thoughtful comment regarding the story and your life.
  • Each response must contain the 4 sentence structures: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
  • Structures must be labeled in front of the sentence you are labeling.
  • All parts of the discussion must be answered.
  • Responses should not exceed 800 words.
  • Name (first and last) in the subjec line.

How Are Discussions Graded?

  • Post has answered all possible questions asked in the original post.
  • A thesis statement begins each response.
  • Connections are made between the text and personal experiences.
  • Structures are visible and labeled correctly.
  • Posts are made in a timely fashion (3 pm. Friday of each week assigned)
  • Response is error-free and are written in formal English.

Rules and Guidelines

  • No slang and jargon permitted in responses. Do not turn this wiki into a private chat room. Each response should be academic in nature and will be evaluated just like an assignment turned in. Type response in word first; then transfer into reply box to ensure spelling and grammar are correct.
  • All responses must be related to the content requested.
  • What you say on the wiki "can and will" be held against you. Do not post inappropriate, disrespectful, or illegal messages.
  • Do not procrastinate. Schedule time to post your work. Excuses will not be accepted since there is a week to complete each discussion question.

Misuse of the wikispace will result in immediate action. Also, a loss of privileges to post onto the wikispace will be enforced. Consequently, if you lose your privileges, you will be unable to complete all of the assignments, and your grade will suffer greatly. This is your only warning.


  • 0--Did not complete the post and/or post is off topic.
  • 1--Posted something related to question. No sentence structures, poor grammatics and spelling, and lack of understanding and usage of puncutation.
  • 2--Post is related to topic. Few sentence structures visible, many errors in grammatics and spelling, and a misunderstanding of usage of punctuation.
  • 3/4--Post is on topic, structures are visible however most are incorrect, noticable errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • 5--Reply is on topic. several sentence structures are correct. Noticable errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • 6/7--Reply is on topic. Sentence structures are correct. Some errors in grammatics and spelling. Paragraph has little flow or unity.
  • 8/9--Reply is on topic. Sentence structures are correct. Few errors in grammatics and spelling. Thesis statement is apparent. Almost perfect!
  • 10--Reply is well-thought out and organized. All sentence structures, grammatics, spelling, and punctuation are used without error. A thesis statement is apparent.